Monday, August 30, 2004

lifejackets of truth

In an unusual move, the Senate will resume, as scheduled, today and sit until late tomorrow afternoon, when the writs will have been issued for the October the 9th poll.
That will allow the Opposition parties to re-form the Senate inquiry into the children overboard affair.
This is heartening. It will never bring back the dead, the damaged or the drowned, or compensate us for the Howard years that followed, but it will go towards helping me to heal.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Green, green class of Brown (and Wilkie)

He's done it!
Johnny has finally committed to a date.
I'm off to stuff recycled envelopes with recycled paper.

Johanna; off like a stale bottle of wee

Johanna Griggs : Anchor, Games of the XXVIII Olympiad Highlights on Channel 7.
She has obviously been encouraged by management to add little morality and bitchiness pieces.
She overstepped the mark yesterday when as Marion Jones and her teammates were disqualified in the 400 metre relay, Johanna spoke to camera saying
"There would be a lot of people out there that would think that this is justice."

So Johanna, have you checked the news lately?
Marion is alleged to have used banned substances.
Just like I might allege that you, Johanna, like to have a bit of

before you go on camera to keep that perky, upbeat glow going...
Care to provide a sample?

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Johnny the lubricated

Frankly, I'd be more comfortable if, like his best mate George W., he were Johnny the inebriated, Johnny the befuddled or just plain Johnny on vacation.
Call the election Johnny so I and millions of other Australians can vote you OUT!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

hoping my drug dealer shows up on time...

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Australian Rower has anxiety attack

Sally Robbins' Olympic checklist:
  1. passport
  2. credit card
  3. 23 try my hardest pills

Other seven in boat's Olympic checklist:
  1. intolerance
  2. discrimination
  3. alloplastic defences

"Rachael Taylor accused Robbins, a 23-year-old from Western Australia, of repeat displays of "mental weakness" which left team-mates in the lurch."

No Rachael, you and the other six workplace bullies had already lost!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Ross canvassing lovers oops... Voters

Ross's thoughts-
He's cute, I wonder if he's got a sister?

Ross's thoughts-
He looks like he'd know some hot Solicitors.

Ross's thoughts-
I wonder if he'll take me home so I can meet his mother?

Ross's thoughts-
Hirsute is my thing; I bet he could introduce me to a furry princess.

Ross's thoughts-
Wow, these guys should know someone exotic to satisfy my urges.

Ross's thoughts-
What a hot Grandma you must have little girl!

Tripod Charles

I am constantly amazed at how the smallest events can create the greatest happiness.
Yesterday we went out to our favourite forage and fondle shop and Charles found a Tripod priced at $20.00. Not only is it sturdy and utilitarian it also has an orange level light!

The whole trip home,
at least 23 times,
Charles made gleeeeeeefull sounds...
What fun.

Saturday, August 21, 2004


Nobody should be subsumed by anyone or anything.
Get out from behind the oppressor
and radiate until their eyes melt!

The Philistine and the Greenie

Ross Cameron the Liberal candidate for Parramatta recently admitted he had cheated on his wife.
Poor old Ross.
Was your wife Genevieve all bloated and misshapen?

Did she look like something hanging on the walls of parliament house?
I hope she considers how you used the media as a confessional without any regard for her privacy.

Hey Ross have you got a plan for the restoration of your credibility?
Perhaps you and Peter Garrett could exchange ideas.
However I'd be happier if you exchanged gunfire.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

why I am a Gladys

At times when I am a crowd of one I adore Philip Adams even more than I usually do because he gives me (and all the other Gladys') permission to be profoundly and unapologetically individualistic, unpopular and controversial.

a companion for Charles

a fellow traveller suited more to my pace than his...
Big T's Little L's

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Hi, I'm at the meeting point under a Stetson where are you?

Today one of the loves of my life returned home. In her absence there was a J-shaped hole in my Universe.

Jetlag is a strange and greedy beast. It feeds on irregular sleep.
Upon waking...
"good evening, you're in Australia, it's Saturday, the 7th of August, it's a quarter to six, and I'm suki."