Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Short-term money market for dummies

An extra payment to families gives the impression of more money.
Let me tell you as a recipient of Centrelink's money for the girlchild that this is not true.
There were/are only three types of payments.
  1. $600 for an already born child in June 2004

  2. $3000 for giving birth to a child after 01 July 2004

  3. $600 for having a child and completing a tax return for financial year 2003/2004 and having zero dollars debt to Centrelink. The debt is usually brought about by underestimating future earnings.

Now, we are led to believe that there is extra money.
The government has instructed Centrelink to hold off on the payment due to families upon completing their tax returns until sometime in September 2004.

Did you put my money on the short-term money market nihilistic Pete, did treasury come up a few thousand dollars?!

When it finally lands in my bank account, I will donate $300 to the Green candidate for Bennelong and $300 to the Green candidate for Higgins.


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