Wednesday, September 08, 2004

This shade of Red looks great on me.

Three years ago the Australian Prime Minister made his move on asylum seekers.

The Norwegian cargo vessel, MV Tampa, had rescued 438 asylum seekers in waters off Christmas Island and wanted to land them on Australian shores.

Mr Howard blocked the ship. Labor's leader Kim Beazley said nothing as heavily armed members of the SAS were sent aboard to occupy the ship.

Australian human rights groups, left wing political parties and trade unions responded angrily to the incident. Paddy Crumlin, from the Maritime Union of Australia pointed out that Howard had made it likely that ships' captains might in future ignore the law of the sea and leave refugees to drown.

There, amoungst all the racist, fortress-Australia shrill was one lone Political voice. That voice was Greens' Senator Bob Brown. His was the sweet resonance of justice and humanity. After being called a "traitor" by Conservative MP Peter Slipper and radio talkback "shock jocks", Senator Brown received death threats.

The Tampa case has highlighted the lengths to which a xenophobic government is prepared to go to maintain racial "purity".

I will not be still and quiet John Anderson, I will be loud and outraged and Very, Very, Very RED.


Blogger EvilPundit said...

What a load of crap.

If the government was really "racist" or "xenophobic", it wouldn't be letting in 100,000 immigrants a year, the majority from non-white backgrounds.

But then, you loony lefties have never cared much about facts.

9:31 am  
Blogger weezil said...

Wow, your very own troll. Suki, you're famous, baby!

Now, if you could only get a SMART troll instead of this dumbass dittohead with no teeth.

*phhhhh* :D


1:41 am  

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