Thursday, October 07, 2004

Barren, tree hugging hussy.

Hey grrrrrls, WEL has put out a Womens Electoral Lobby
Thinking Voter's Guide to the 2004.

Alas, there's nothing in the guide for a female voter interested in Environmental issues or Foreign policies.

Thinking women seem to be only interested in:
  1. Work & Family/ Industrial Relations
  2. Health/Medicare
  3. Family Payments
  4. Maternity Leave
  5. Education
  6. Violence against Women
  7. Child care
  8. Women's rights and decision making
  9. Tax
As a woman I can't help, but feel that I exist primarily as a potential breeder/breeder to the two major parties.

Sadly, WEL also suffers from an overemphasis of these roles for our gender.

I'd be less cynical if men were also seen in these binary dimensions. Can you imagine Child care issues being directed primarily at fathers?!

Thanks WEL, but no thanks.
Not breeding, not married and not rolling over on the Kyoto Protocol.

WEL, you're just
too 80's
too narrow
too passive/victim oriented
with too little
too late.


Blogger Rantz said...

With cant like this one can't be sure you're a real woman, can one? Do you need a mookie?

9:22 am  

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