Saturday, October 02, 2004

Insipid is not benign!

On Thursday I was a 'day tripper' and caught buses, trains and ferries all over Sydney. Over hours and kilometres, criss-crossing electorates, I saw 3 measly signs.
In this our alert, not alarmed Australia are people too fearful to let their neighbours know their political persuasions?

Richard Flanaghan writes that we are all Sleepwalking with Howard.
"A scattering of words does not equal a philosophy. It does not explain what has happened to Australia since 1996. Beneath little things, big things sometimes hide. These words seem inadequate, say, as an explanation of children held behind razor wire, or as to exactly why we are in Iraq. All I could see was a mundanity so honed it was like staring at polished concrete."


Blogger weezil said...

We, the governed, were all babes in the woods in 1996. For some strange reason, we could all still suspend disbelief that our governments were still working mostly for us and not for their own continuance.

The grand paradigm shift was almost silent, but it started in Florida in 2000, when Bush and his mates stole the US presidential election. Howard only hitched his wagon to a star- a very corrupt and misguided star, who is all hat and no cattle.

Don't worry Suki... the time has come and government will change, both in the USA & Australia.


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