Sunday, October 10, 2004

Pavlov's dog

I (and many others) saw through you John Winston Howard!

Starting on 12 September 2001, you (assisted by Blair and Bush) capitalised on the fear and shock of the events of the day before and through Classical Conditioning attempted to create a high level of anxiety for every Australian.
By October 2004, all you had to do was mention any of the diverse, radical, 'other' words such as:
Muslim, Asylum Seeker, Refugee, people who question why children are kept behind razorwire, Habib, Hicks, Hicks' family, Brian Deegan, WMD's, the UN, Human shields in Iraq, Australian Hostages in Iraq, Iraqi civilian casualties, Greenie, Leftie, Media Watch, ABC, SMH, Lesbian mother, Michael Moore, Phillip Adams, Mark Latham, Global warming, higher interest rates, young drivers, learner drivers, custodial parent, organic farmer, disabled person, 'freelance' anything, internet, adult pornography, Brazilian wax, mobile telephones with cameras, Terriers (it sounds like Terrorism when you are hyper-anxious)
and there was mass quivering on farms, in mortgage belts, in offices, in worksites, in the Public Service and in the homes around this country.

In the course of your training of the Australian public, the Conditioned Stimulus (CS), e.g. the words-old growth forest, were repeatedly presented together with the Unconditioned Stimulus (US), e.g. fear; eventually the voters form an association between the US and the CS.

Congratulations you bastard, you turned most of Australia into quivering, fearful lapdogs who were trained to react to you as their Protector.

You set it up, fed it well and exploited it for your own gain.

Read the Bloggisphere you insufferable manipulator...We are the future and we are all getting active...

Starting the deprogramming now....

NEXT patient please.


Blogger weezil said...

We are not only the future, but if cross media ownership restrictions dissolve like so many water crackers spread with foie gras and washed down with champagne, bloggers may be the only free media left.

Decentralised, subnetwork news is a viable possibility with a vid/cam and a big pipe. IMC is just the beginning. Everyone's a journalist and everyone has a printing press. Amateur TV reporters can put out as big a signal as Murdoch with no tower.

Fret not, Suki. The next 3 years will be interesting from a journalist's point of view if nothing else.

7:08 pm  

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