Tuesday, October 05, 2004

These people breed and vote!

Julie Matthews, whose son is in a lower grade at St Simon's Catholic Primary School, a school that was found to employ a teacher who was named and suspended for being netted in a nationwide swoop against child pornography, is shocked.

Julie said she was shocked at hearing the news of a teacher at her son's school being implicated in 'Operation Auxin' yesterday.
"It's a Catholic primary school, where you would think your child is safe,"
Where has this parent been?

Entering 'Roman Catholic Church Sex Scandals' into Google returned 46,900 related links. For something succinct on the subject, this and this is good.

On October 9, don't be fooled by the scare tactics of the Christian right.

Open and honest discourse is the only way that the sexualisation and sexual abuse of children will ever be addressed.

Endless Counselling, unless it moves into honestly as a society addressing the facts, only serves to assuage guilt.

Guilt for both the perpetrators and carers.

Truth on a Macro level (starting with the Federal Government), filtering down through every institution is the best option for protecting the vulnerable (which is greater than just the children) in our community.


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