Sunday, November 07, 2004

Battalions and families are interchangeable

The Army - Patriarchal, hierarchical, unilateral.
That's how the Governor General wants to see the family.

There are strict rules regulating gender and roles in the Military. In Australia women are still banned from direct combat roles.
"To be eligible for service as a Commando (ECN079) you must be male. All Commando (ECN079) positions are direct combat positions and Government policy currently precludes women from being employed in these positions."
The GG seems to imply the same 'gender roles' rule in terms of women raising boys.

"Boys in many cases are growing up without access to a male role model either at home or in primary school. A lot of boys are going to grow up with a big problem of how to be men, how to treat others and so on."
Boys do know how to be men.
Men are the only ones eligible to be called absent fathers.
Boys observe their absent fathers being men.

Boys observe men all the time. Perhaps the GG is advocating that boys observe men such as Soldiers.
It seems the GG just doesn't think that the current community construct of maleness is appropriate.

The GG goes on to state that:
"The rate of relationship breakdown is horrific. We've got a million kids now living with a single parent, mostly women and most of them through no fault of their own are probably doing it very hard. Not to apportion blame in any sense - relationships do break down - but I'm wondering whether it's not time to look at whether we are properly preparing people for relationships . . . boyfriends to girlfriends, fiance to fiancee, defactos, husband and wife and so on."
Yes, Sir, apply military thinking. Medcat 4 the "unfit for duty" and put pressure on better outcomes from Recruiting.

Are you and PTE Abbott, SPR Pyne and MAJ Howard advocating for conscription, Eugenics or Social Darwinism Sir?


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