Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Inflicting shame and guilt where a healthy libido would frolic.

I have always been apprehensive of Tony Abbott's ability to separate his arrogance, his faith and his portfolio since he took over the role of Health Minister from the clueless Kay Patterson.

Now I am terrified.

I'm not too old to remember the panic on the faces of my girlfriends as they asked around trying to procure an abortion. It was never information that was reliable or accessible. Still, they all succeeded in terminating and went from pregnant to not pregnant. They were all forced to obfuscate the truth.

Very few women are open about terminating a pregnancy, yet we know it is a widespread surgical procedure.

Despite the silence there were often tell-tale signs.
  1. Their boyfriend (if they had one) would have sold his car/motorbike
  2. She, usually vibrant and hopeful, would be wrapped in a coat of shame and guilt.
Why are we even discussing diminishing choice and reproductive rights?
Back to widespread shame and guilt?

They were having sex.
They were not making babies.
The two are very different motivations.

We all desire intimacy.
Sex is intimate.
Sex precedes unplanned and unwanted pregnancy.
Unplanned and unwanted pregnancy is devastating.
Intimacy should not be wrapped in fear.

Don't be silent Tony.
Yell loudly that you as Health Minister will advocate strongly to not only maintain the reproductive rights of women, but to improve access to safe and free abortions.


Blogger weezil said...

Not even ONE more Becky Bell.


12:09 am  
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Blogger weezil said...

If men could become prgnant, government-funded abortions would be available 24/7 in every suburb with taxi service included free of charge.

I wonder why people who oppose abortion don't simply elect not to have such surgery, instead of thinking they are the moral arbiters for all uteri.


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