Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Bomber is back

Kim it is.

We can look forward to continued bipartisan support for the Iraq Invasion and no hesitation to support the Iran Invasion.


Blogger Nic White said...

And a much better shot at the next election.

5:47 pm  
Blogger suki said...

What/how has change occurred to make Kim more palatable to the voters since the last two times?

Those of us who used to respect the Labor party have drifted away. What can Kim bring to entice us back, let alone impress swinging voters.

Just as an example, can you see Kim supporting "Troops home by Christmas"

10:51 pm  
Blogger Nic White said...

*I* wouldnt have supported home by christmas.

There is nothing wrong with Beazley. He knows what hes doing, he has probably learnt from his mistakes and he was robbed in 2001 by Tampa/911 too. There is *no one* else who stands a chance other than him. Gilly wont be viable until at least after 2010 and Rudd never. Plus hes comitted to winning the next election, none of this 2 terms nonsense.

3:54 am  
Blogger suki said...

How can Kim and the ALP differentiate itself and its policies from the Coalition?

Clearly Operation Catalyst does not concern you.

Voters need to have choice.
Which area of policy will get their attention?

7:50 am  
Blogger Nic White said...

That remains to be seen. Dont assume Beazley will stick to his old tricks, hes smarter than that.

3:35 am  

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