Thursday, January 13, 2005

Look mum there's Osama...he's mastered the high kick

This story out of the US postulates that prisoners of war are like cheerleaders.

I don't know why I didn't see this before.
These men do resemble the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Ok their wax jobs are a bit rough and if that one is Debbie, she looks done.

This Iraqi cheerleading team is obviously working on their pyramid in readiness for the 2005 Superbowl. Isn't it nice for the American soldiers to be their coaches and physiotherapists.

Clear as an autumn day in Geneva, these are the Baghdad raiders cheerleaders.

Oh and look, they're naked,


Blogger weezil said...

Let's get physical
Get down, get hard, get mean (baby!)
Let's get physical
And beat that other team!

You might be good at basketball
You might be good at track
But when it comes to kicking ass
You might as well step back
Might as well step back
Say what?
You might as well step back
Can't hear you
Might as well step back

Hey Hey
You get out of our way
Today is the day
We will put you away!

We're number one
Can't be number 2
And we're going to beat
The whoopse out of you!

Oil War Fans
It's time to fight
Let's go
Let's go
Red Blue and White!


11:02 pm  

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