Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Paper money thanks, me back's buggered...

For some time, I was based in and around Darwin, Northern Territory.
While there, I purchased and lived on five acres of 'virgin' bush in what was known as Kakadu Stage 3. If anyone knows the area, it was Sunter Road, Humpty Doo.

This was a most beautiful, quiet and remote wilderness.

Nobody paid their rates to the Litchfield Shire Council, because the locals had the idea that you have to provide something to charge a fee!
I can recall one typical local, usually at the Humpty Doo Hotel saying,

"You don't even grade the bloody road (note singular), I'm not paying any bloody rates"
These are uncomplicated, hardworking, honest, good people and Allan Brooks is one such character.
Of his wheelbarrow odyssey, Allan was quoted as saying,
"If I fill it to the top with coins, I'd be flat-out trying to push it to be quite honest, so obviously notes would be better,"