Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Things to take to a team-building exercise: Sensible shoes, NO concept of history, & um, unity. Please place nametags on all items in case of loss.

Shadow Attorney General Nicola Roxon has called on her Caucus colleagues to get behind party unity.

I'm proposing a team-building exercise. It could be organised for the morning of the big leadership vote.

Some icebreakers.
Some abseiling.
A murder.

Kim Beazley, currently the only candidate for leader of the Labor party had this to say as potential leader/direction maker/mentor/role model...

"As far as I'm concerned that's other people's business not mine. I have absolutely no expectations on any of my colleagues. It's their democratic right to stand if they choose and their democratic right not to."
Kim, if you have no expectations on any of your colleagues, you will not be disappointed.
They will deliver nothing...


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