Sunday, February 06, 2005

Abortion debate inevitable

John HoWARd is welcoming the abortion debate in parliament.

Please instruct your administration staff to provide access to the following resources from recent history as the abortion debate has been had!

This, this, this, this and this just for a start for all to consider.

Then analyse the non-cooperation from the States.
Then embrace all the women you know, both with children and childless, and respect their right to choose.


Blogger weezil said...

HoWARd orchestrated this whole tapdance with Tony PellAbbott before his recent o'seas trip so as to have some plausible deniability when the Bozzo-PellAbbott circlejerk fired up in the press.

Time to bring HoWARd to the fore in responsibility as well.

fucking scary image, Suki. Not going anywhere near that girl's bits. ;)


4:35 pm  
Blogger suki said...

I'm not too solid on this Weez.

HoWARd has a fabulous political nose.
He's balancing the unrest in the coalition against the mood he senses that Australians (by and large) do not want to debate the reality of abortion in this country. So many of us would know someone, or be someone, or have impregnated someone who has had an abortion.
Let’s clear up that no one wakes up and says “Today I will get pregnant so that in six weeks time I can have an abortion”

If Boswell gets any data, it will show that Australians abort for a huge range of reasons including:
Foetal abnormality/disability,
breakdown of couple relationship,
unknown progenitor,
career considerations,
lack of extended support,
lack of childcare,
not enough time between pregnancies,
Post Natal Depression,
Pre Natal Depression,
undesirable gender of foetus,
lifestyle choice,
existing family size,
wellness of mother,
wellness of father,
baby will be born in an undesirable sign of the zodiac,
unstable couple relationship,
concern about bringing a child into this dangerous world,
unwilling to carry multiple births,
…reasons are as varied as people and it still remains a discussion between a woman and her healthcare professional.

Under this government mothers and fathers are fully aware of the difficulties that having children entails.
Families have been stating that they cannot access good quality childcare for their children if they want to work outside the home.
If your child has a disability, childcare options all, but dry up. This is also the situation for very young babies, when their mother’s maternity leave (if they get any) expires.

HoWARd’ nose is telling him that if the ‘why women have abortions’ data gets out his Government will be exposed for the modern-family unfriendly, mean-spirited policy writers they are.

5:55 pm  
Blogger Mushroom said...

I'm so over this whole ridiculous debacle.

I am embarrased by the state of affairs in this country regarding the ever diminishing rights of women. And the government has the audacidy to chastise "Muslim" countries for their treatment of women.

Excuse me as a I fulfil my duty as dictated by Deputy Johnny.

(Marries, quits employment, removes shoes, gets pregnant and handcuffs self to stove)

9:40 am  
Blogger suki said...


We women are now educated, cashed up and skilled. The 1950's are long gone for everyone except HoWArd et al.
We see and hear these men and say pffffffft!

51% of the population is female. Men who can't/won't embrace what is means to be female in 2005, occupy a redundant time-line. They know it and we know it.

It was of no surprise to me that Beazley came out as being pro-choice albeit lite - With no talk of the expansion of services to include greater access to the morning-after pill and greater numbers and spread of public abortion clinic services. He knows that if he has to impress voting Australia then he must be pro-choice.

Reclaim your handcuffs and shoes and use them like they were meant to be used.

7:35 am  
Blogger Brownie said...

remember 1998 when Tony Abbott sued over a book which said he screwed around at Uni? archive paste -
"Random House is being sued presumably because they've got more money than their author Bob Ellis -- who wrote that Abbott and Costello were both in the Labor Party till the one woman had sex with them both, married one and got them to join the Young Liberals.

11:09 pm  

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