Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A mother rages and buries her only son...

When her son didn't call her to wish her a happy 72nd birthday, Margaret Pardoel thought he might be in the Middle East.

She was right.
He was one of the British military who died when their C-130 Hercules crashed.

Margaret Pardoel, says she opposed the invasion of Iraq and was always fearful her son would be killed.

"I don't think this should have gone on,"
she said.
"I think it's just cold-blooded murder. Look at all those young American boys that have been slaughtered."

Mrs Pardoel says her son often spoke of his fears on the job.

"One night he phoned [and] he said, 'Mum there's nowhere to hide here, it's just so dangerous, there's nowhere to hide',"
she said.
"He said it's so dangerous, that's all he said."

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Blogger Brownie said...

My absolute sympathy to Mrs Pardoel.
I cannot understand why, on October 9 last year, a vote against war was (clearly) not registered by every woman with a son, widow of a war veteran, child of a dead serviceman, and family-member of every TPI veteran. I cannot understand it.
The really terrible thing about the Pardoel death is that it was not the enemy who did it. Did anybody notice that only Princess Ann was on the tarmac to salute the coffins when they landed home. not Blair, not Chuck and Millie.

10:29 am  

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