Saturday, February 12, 2005

Referees do it for the sex and voyeurism

Referees are the latest group of men who gather in groups, near pubs, away from their homes and break rules regarding sex and women.

"When these guys aren't in the top flight and they're probably getting a can of Coke and a Mars Bar for their effort, of course it will discourage people from becoming a referee," - Players' Association president Tony Butterfield said.
Having read this piece it seems that referees aren't interested in their profession and only participate in refereeing for the chance to have sex, photograph sex or watch other men have sex with women.

"The big quest is to find the fattest or the ugliest woman, dance with her and see if you can get her back to your room," one referee told the Herald yesterday. "It is a boy thing. It is a laugh."
No, it's not a boy thing and it's not a laugh.
It is cruel and abusive and it can be defined as having an Antisocial Personality Disorder, displaying psychopathy or sociopathy.


Blogger weezil said...

hmm... lessee.. I get my choice of a Mars bar and a can of Coke... or I get to have sex with "fattest or the ugliest woman" I can find, while me mates take photos.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Those NSWRL refs have a pretty big time, don't they?

Suki, put the blame where due- Tony Butterfield is the sociopath- and he's teaching the entire NSWRL that this is an acceptable way to behave.

NSWRL goes on the boycott list- after I watch the next game on TV to see who is sponsoring, so I can boycott them, too.

Did you see the new ad for Ford utes which shows a bunch of young women in tight dresses sauntering toward a ute, while the announcer says in voice over, "Ford utes have more pulling power."

The only pulling going on in Ford utes is the driver's willy. What a sexist piece of garbage. Why can't they just sell me a ute that will carry stuff?


10:34 pm  
Blogger suki said...

The reason we know about this behaviour is that a few of the young referees spoke out when they became uncomfortable with what they were witnessing.

These are the only people that behaved in any way that I respect. Yes, upper management and workplace culture plays a part and needs to be addressed, however individual choice also exists and I applaud the men that came forward.

9:17 am  
Blogger Nic White said...

Why is boycotting them a good way to deal with this?

12:18 am  
Blogger bogan-A said...

Oi- leave ford utes out of it. Go the XR-6...

Want the most sexist ads in the Westrn Hemisphere? Check out Paul's Iced Coffee, NT...

4:06 pm  
Blogger The IVD said...

This to me seems somewhat out of character for a referee.

I was thinking they'd be more into bondage and discipline.

6:00 pm  

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