Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A snapshot of reality

A Single Parent's August to do list.
  1. Dust off resume
  2. Find jobnetwork member
  3. Make appointment
  4. Research childcare options
  5. Research more childcare options
  6. Place name on waiting list
  7. Call 131 500 to find out how to get to jobnetwork and childcare places
  8. Do budget of money in and money out
  9. Do sums again (this can't be right)
  10. Make a plan for what to do if I'm sick or kids are sick
  11. Count money again! (this can't be right)
  12. Call Child Support Agency asking if child support can be increased
  13. Call Centrelink. Make appointment with a Social Worker
  14. Call mum and ask for a loan
  15. Take savings and try to win money on the pokies
  16. Work against feelings of isolation and resentment
  17. Think about having another baby
Being a single parent is in and of itself very hard work.
Start up a conversation with the next one you see and ask them.
Thing is they don't get out much.


Blogger Mushroom said...

Depressing isn't it.

What's more depressing is many people would say that it was the single parents fault for not "planning for children properly" and "stupidly having children".

Single parent encapsulates many situations... but people don't seem to care about the ambiguity. To them, it is okay to punish single parents (people who obviously deserve our support, not condemnation) because "they deserve it".

Moreover, the Howard government seemingly still wants to remove abortion as a choice... what then for people who find themselves raising a child alone.

Sometimes it's just all so suffocating.

1:03 pm  
Blogger suki said...

I work with women who find themselves as single parents.
What is particularly surprising is that a widow (no perceived individual fault) is no less vilified than a mother who has many children to many fathers (higher perceived individual fault).

I am left believing that the notion of women excluding men from reproductive influence such as having an abortion followed by 'a lack of male role models' rhetoric, via sole parenting and lesbian families, makes some men - men in power, very uneasy.

It is more noticeable when these groups of women are raising boys.

5:58 pm  

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