Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Independent Senator can't grasp determinism or Karma

"Senator Lees was ousted as leader of the Australian Democrats in 2001 partly for compromising with the Howard Government over the GST."
"Outgoing independent Senator Meg Lees"
The sooner that Meg Lees gets the hell out of politics the better.
Not smart enough by a long shot Meg, to not see this coming...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bruddah Costello (just call me "Oafey" and help yourself to a tax cut before you sit down at my end of this enormous Roller) has it partly right.

We did expect some other taxes to go. And land tax is just ridiculous and the government in Victoria is behaving like a junkie caught raiding a hospital dispensary. What me?

- barista

5:41 pm  

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