Saturday, March 05, 2005

NZ's UN Ambassador upholds Australia's credibility with the world's women (and men)

Despite US lobbying, public support for Washington's initial abortion stance was limited to the Vatican delegate.

Is anyone surprised by this outcome when the US delegate offered the rest of the world this,
"We have stated clearly and on many occasions ... that we do not recognise abortion as a method of family planning, nor do we support abortion in our reproductive health assistance."
or this,
"US policy on AIDS prevention for adolescents: We emphasise the value of the ABC - abstinence, be faithful, and correct and consistent condom use where appropriate - approach in comprehensive strategies to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and the promotion of abstinence as the healthiest and most responsible choice for adolescents."
We here in the Pacific region thankfully don't subscribe to the US model. New Zealand's UN ambassador Don Mackay, speaking for his country, Canada and Australia, had this to say,
"The text of Beijing is unequivocally clear. We should not spend hours splitting hairs over phrases that mean the same thing."
Thank you New Zealand for Australia's use of Don Mackay.

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Suki: First, thanks for the link. Much appreciated. Second, this post and the pic just kills me. Attribution on it to? Three, I want to feature this post and you again, I know it's tough, because yours is a unique. If you could pop back to my site at The Heretik , I can have it up COMPLETE in Bozoland USA Sunday.

Your take from down under on women's issues is helpful. Thanks, Heretik

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