Saturday, March 19, 2005

Who am I, and can you control me?

Senator Abetz is proposing legislation that could potentially curb my political opinions and those of anybody having any.

One of the reasons that blogs and sites such as JOHN HOwarD LIES.COM are so popular is because voters that want to read a less sanitised media are naturally drawn to the world wide web.
Clamp down and I will just slide off - HoWARd lies style...
If asked I'll say:
"Suki Lombard was not my core identity"


Blogger weezil said...

Suki, you should be more careful with posting pics of the policy boiler room over at SHAO, Pty. Ltd.- you're giving away the farm, grrrl!

"Not to the best of my recollection"

"I wasn't in the room at the time"

"May I have a glass of water, please"


12:44 pm  
Anonymous Joe said...

Notice how the ALP rolled over on the issue.

If they find out who I REALLY am that means what?

I can expect a visit from ASIO if I make any comments against our ruling junta?


1:00 am  

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