Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bring Carpenters, hammers and nails

HoWARd's decision to send 450 extra troops to Iraq is certainly unpopular, and not just with Australians.

Speaking days before today's scheduled arrival of new Australian troops in Iraq, Sheik Muhnad Al Garayi said Australian troops, such as the Americans and the British, were not welcome.
Sheik Muhnad Al Garayi was quoted as saying,
"We are a peaceful people, but if someone touches us, we will strike back, we will kill them if we have to."
"It is incomprehensible to us. I would like to ask the Australian people 'what is the reason for your troops to come over here?' We have our own police, our militia. We are from this moment looking at the Australians as occupying troops and the Australian people . . . as a victim of the American and British strategy. What is the difference between an American pulling the trigger to shoot someone and an Australian holding the body while the murder is done? It is all part of the same crime. To help the invader kill people in their own homes, in their own country, is criminal."


Blogger weezil said...

I reckon brickies would be the go in Iraq, Suki.

It's a hell of a good idea, nonetheless. If we're going to have troops in place, every soldier should get one day off guard duty for each spent helping the locals mix mortaring cement and stack Besser blocks.

11:56 pm  
Blogger suki said...

Great idea Weez.
I like the way you think... right up there with Billy Connelly's "edible bombs."

4:58 pm  

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