Sunday, April 17, 2005

HoWARd talking up war and breaking pre-election pledges in the tropics

As HoWARd stands on a podium on the parade ground at Robertson barracks, protected by security guards wearing designer suits and talking into their lapels, he gives his usual pre-deployment brief...
  1. Australian men and women doing brave acts
  2. Australian men and women doing important jobs
  3. Australian men and women keeping this country safe
  4. Men and women of Australia proud of our Defence force
  5. I, and the people of Australia wish you every success
  6. We hold you in our thoughts and pray that you come home safely
The member's loved ones' hearts will swell and then very quickly ache.

Being a part of the coalition of the willing, for the reasons given for invading Iraq has been proved to be nonsense. Sending a further 450 troops is nonsense on stilts.

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