Thursday, April 14, 2005

Rude or real? Process or practical?

On 12 April 05, Alexander Downer came in contact with the uncomplicated 2GB Sydney Radio host Ray Hadley on the issue of child safety.

RAY HADLEY: "How many children do you have, and would you be happy for your children to be going to the little star club at the Sheraton Nusa Dua, knowing a three-year-old contracted gonorrhea? Yes or no?"

ALEXANDER DOWNER: "If I was, if I was rude to you, I would say that that is a preposterous thing to say. Obviously..."

RAY HADLEY: "You're a pompous dope. That's what you are. You're a pompous dope."

ALEXANDER DOWNER: "Don't be so bloody rude."

RAY HADLEY: "No, I'll be more than rude to you. You're a disgraceful, you're a disgrace."

ALEXANDER DOWNER: "Nobody on earth would put their children, really, you're just so over the top."

RAY HADLEY: "No, I'm not over the top. You knew, you knew..."

ALEXANDER DOWNER: "I didn't know. I've told you that already. The police investigated the case, and they were unable to establish who in this hotel was responsible."
Parents are asking for informed choice.
We are told when toys are unsafe and can damage a child, why are we not told of unsafe child care, so unsafe that we call it sexual assault?
Sexual assault on anyone is horrific, on children even more so.

Ray Hadley, in a very blunt way was telling the Minister that he doesn't give a fuck about anything other than the even chance a parent has of keeping their child safe when they know of unsafe places to take their children.

Thanks go to the NSW Police Commissioner of Police for having this issue on the agenda and attempting to create structural change in our region.

Alexander Downer, dangerous, inappropriate, out-of-touch and told so!

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Blogger weezil said...

Downer's winning this week's popularity contests, I see.

Must mean that Vanstone & Ruddock are up to something...

1:55 am  
Blogger Brownie said...

Ray Hadley - we salute you sir!

11:50 pm  
Blogger suki said...

The audio is great. If you haven't listened already it's available via the transcript link.
It's actually therapeutic to have Downer described as a pompous dope. Then when he is called 'disgraceful' my gleemeter goes through the roof!

Downer a disgraceful, pompous dope?!
Finally others catch on.

12:05 am  

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