Saturday, May 07, 2005

Placing a woman central to her right not to be abused

Late one night in the NSW parliament women gained protection from violence without losing their right to reproductive choice.

The Government refused to consider an amendment by Christian Democrat MP Fred Nile, and backed by most Coalition MPs, that would have redefined the fetus as "a child in utero".

The Government alleged that MPs with an anti-abortion agenda were trying to hijack the debate.

Thank you Carr and Co., you saw the agenda coming and gave it no life.

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Blogger Marcel said...

You need to remove the chip off your shoulder regarding babies. If a friend of yours had been married for eleven months, and called you to say "I'm pregnant", would you say 'that's fantastic news' or 'I'm sorry to hear that'? People like you, with your repeated denegration of those who see the unborn as humans, always regard the joy of motherhood a 'burden', a 'curse' and 'unfortunate'. I think it's sad.

7:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Everyone is entitled to their view. I find Suki completely chipless on the subject of babies, but babies are not what this is about in the first place. Its about the right, demanded by some, to exert influence over the reproductive choices of other people.

Might I respectfully suggest that you remove the chip from your own shoulder on the subject of the reproductive choices of others, thereby getting your nose out of their business.


8:22 pm  
Blogger bastet=^..^= said...

Suki very clearly offers no prejudice either way on the subject of actually giving birth. intelligent beings could clearly see that all she is asking for, is the right for every woman to give birth under the best circumstances possible and where this is not the case, to not have to suffer for the choice that best suits their lives.

marcel has made quite a leap to suggest suki sees motherhood always as a burden. his arrogance in presuming to know what suki thinks and feels is quite offensive. Does this mean marcel is against not only women's freedom to choose but to think for themselves as well I wonder? if you were to read suki's archives you would see she receives much joy from holding intelligent conversations with her girl-child. i don't beleive she considers this independent, beautiful soul to be a curse, burden or unfortumate event on her life.
Marcel displays his ignorance only by knowing nothing of the person he speaks. voice an opinion on the issue if you must, but leave your arrogance aside when presuming to know how other humans relate to their world.

1:12 pm  
Blogger suki said...

Thank you to bastet=^..^= and anonymous for the defence of my shoulder.

marcel, today is mother's day and I am the proud mama of a beautiful girl-child (who was once a baby).
I can only say to you that your attitude is noted and duly ignored, because the only role you might have in a woman's pregnancy is supportive. As you cannot see where your rights end and a woman's rights begin you remain harrassing.

So, as always marcel, security is escorting you off the SHAO premises.

4:39 pm  
Blogger weezil said...

Marcel, you have been very clearly warned about stalking Suki. What's it going to take to get a message through to you?

You will never be permitted to instruct other people how to run their reproductive bits nor will you ever intimidate Suki.

Onya bike, mate.

8:07 pm  

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