Thursday, June 30, 2005

What's that smell?

It's the rancid mix of mediocrity, hypocrisy and selling out and it's coming from the Labor party and its conservative stand-for-nothing leader.

Workplace Relations Minister Andrews said that the right to strike was protected in Australian law when it was genuinely in pursuit of better wages and conditions, but the rallies did not fit that criteria.
"Today is a political action rather than industrial action, most of today's action would be unprotected in relation to the Workplace Relations Act."
Is there any surgery that can implant the hemisphere of Bob Hawke's brain that he had devoted to workers' rights into the vacuum that is Beazley's IR brain?

Sunday, June 26, 2005


I am developing a very severe case of Senatophobia or "no-voice-in-Parliament" as the new Senate date looms. I have become more and more anxious as this week has been filled with exit speeches and farewells.

HoWARd's go softly speech, with his history of lying, just made me more frightened.
It's real now and I feel like a
in the headlights
of a roadtrain.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Laurie Ferguson - On the grass

I have just read Laurie's first speech to Parliament. In Laurie's 1990 speech we find this,
"In fact these apologists are attempting to legitimise the naked power and authority of management."
I think that Laurie sees Kim as management and himself as worker and he just has to be diametrically opposed to management as a matter of course. He does this despite humanity, logic and justice. He's made himself a placard and he's gone on strike.

It looks like Kim's going to cross a picket line to sack his Minister for Immigration of 239 days.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Laurie Ferguson finds his voice and humanity cringes

The Federal Opposition's spokesman on Immigration, Laurie Ferguson, says the proposed release of long-term detainee Peter Qasim could set a worrying precedent. Mr. Qasim is among 50 people invited to apply for a bridging visa by Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone.
But Labor's immigration spokesman, Laurie Ferguson, says he is not convinced the case sets the right example.
"I would think that up to recently there are issues as to his cooperation. I think it would be a very worrying precedent for people in Australia where we might establish a system where people aren't cooperative, they don't really clarify who they are, where they come from, what their political and religious or political and ethnic backgrounds are."
Not long after Laurie spoke out, Kim Beasley weighed in with this-
"I think you'll find Laurie has revised his position"

In the uncooperative stakes, having to choose between Peter Qasim and Laurie Ferguson, Laurie wins!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bolt gets Marr-ed

It is worth getting up early on a Sunday to watch the Insiders when Andrew Bolt and David Marr have only Virginia Trioli to separate their egos.
The best insult that Bolt could manage was "the reds on the couch" as he referred to David and Virginia which he delivered last over the closing credits.

Bolt a churlish, arrogant prick.
His feet always rooted into the right-wingery of the turd brown square of the Insiders mat.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Working women occupy a redundant time-line under HoWARd

Thanks to Mushroom from the pen who sent me this,
"Hey Suki,
Thought you might like a heads up on the closure of the New South Wales Working Women's Centre due to lack of Federal Government funding.

Just another way to strip away workers (particularly women's) rights and avenues to seek recourse against unfair treatment in the workplace. No surprise it is coinciding on the eve of the Feds changes to IR policy.

My post about it is here.
The fight continues."
Daily Flute and Tree of Truth also cover it.

If I was a cynical woman I would say that there is a message being sent to women in this country by our government.
That message would be $m$o$n$e$y$ for babies. No money for employment support. And certainly no money for "Mum@work" programs.

I'm going to make it my business to introduce myself to every woman in my workplace in my capacity as an Equity Advisor. I will use my federally-funded training to subvert this government's dominant paradigm.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

...and can't

HoWARd is showing that he remains incapable of saying sorry or I got it wrong.
He has a Narcissistic personality and is building momemtum for the new Senate.

It seems the best counterpoint to a narcissist is a Green.

Image from here

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

...but didn't.

Petro Georgiou and others sat with the Prime Minister last night and no agreement on the member's bills aimed at dismantling mandatory immigration detention, removing women and children and all long-term detainees from detention centres and allowing those on temporary protection visas to stay in Australia permanently was met.

Unsurprisingly, HoWARd was unable to reach a compromise and was quoted as saying,
"We decide the nature of immigration flows to this country. I believe that that policy is not only the right policy but it is a policy that enjoys the support of the Australian people."
I am inspired by Judi Moylan's optimism that HoWARd is capable of displaying humanity.
"[...] but I think, you know, there's an opportunity...I'm sure that the Government's willing to, as the Prime Minister stated on many occasions, to make the policy and its administration more humane, to introduce greater flexibility and to make sure that it's fair."
I am however unmoved from my position that HoWARd is a turd and await the bill's.

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

How the meeting may have gone...

Yesterday Petro Georgiou, Bruce Baird, Judi Moylan and Russell Broadbent met with Prime Minister HoWARd to discuss the Federal Government's immigration detention policies. Specifically, Mr Georgiou's private member's bills for the release of all women, children and long-term detainees from detention.

Petro Georgiou on behalf of Bruce Baird, Judi Moylan, Russell Broadbent and Suki Lombard asked the Prime Minister to read, listen and watch. Petro had created a powerpoint presentation that was able to be projected onto the wall of the room. It contained,
  1. Images of children behind razorwire with vacant, lost gazes
  2. Images of the babies
  3. The sound of women wailing
  4. Community feeling
  5. The report of the state of mental health issues for people in detention

Image from here

John HoWARd was heard to have said,
"Oh my. How could I have presided over such cruelty and abuse? I will change the policy immediately. Moreover, I will fund a program of community workers to integrate every new Australian into our society and I will assign a mental health specialist to each person who has been detained. I hope Australia can forgive me for this wrong doing."

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Surgical Termination Of Pregnancy spying

As with all things regressive at the moment, it seems the US is leading the way.
Whilst Indiana or Kansas are not in Australia, the legislation, but more frighteningly, the intent, could certainly be imported here.

We, as health care consumers, must remain ever vigilant of our right to privacy. We must be able to continue to trust those that we share our medical history with. An abortion or 5 abortions is a medical history your Medical Practitioner should know about.

In Darwin there is a Surgical Termination Of Pregnancy (STOP) clinic - uncomplicated, unequivocal, public.
NT Law states that abortion happen in a Hospital. Darwin only had one hospital. In a town of 80,000 people everybody respected the need for privacy and very few breaches occurred.
Even in this respectful environment quite a bit of identity swapping happened. Hospital Record Numbers were offered for our Catholic sisters. This practice in an open and respectful system, where an external factor got in the way, potentially leaves us with inaccurate medical records.
Can we even begin to imagine what happens when we don't feel that we can trust an internal factor?

The news item that inspired this post was a birthday gift from diogenesian discourse, thanks Gerry.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Come on over, we're having cake

The beautiful baby the world knows as Suki has an opinion was conceived during a particularly fertile I-hate-the-fucking-coalition cycle in mid April 2004.
Once again, I found myself in a room with too many conservatives and felt that something had to be done.

By early June, SHAO was fully formed and on 6 June 2004 a girl was born.
I named her Suki and, my, oh my, is she a handful!

As any proud matriarch would understand, I love my Suki unconditionally and have to share her presence with you all.
So sit back, relax and settle in for the slideshow.

Early on I had trouble with Suki taking things that didn't belong to her. She would forget to acknowledge sources and take home pictures without asking.
One time a playdate got very upset and changed a 'stolen' picture to this one...

Suki has been to paediatric counseling and is now cured of her kleptomania. However, as with any youngster, I am ever vigilant for the inevitable 'slippage.'

Suki's most popular post was when she made a picture of Alexander Downer.
His mum doesn't let him come over anymore since Suki ran him over with her mini chopper.

As with any beautiful baby, Suki had unwanted attention from a very naughty playmate. I had to call security on Marcel White and he has wisely respected a mother's warning.

I am most proud of this.

Happy first birthday Suki!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Dare we hope?

What with the Immigration Department's magnanimous fuckups
"An appalling litany of maladministration, bungling and traducing of human rights in detention policy and by the Immigration Department generally has been unfolding for months now, and there is much more to come out."
and 11 MP's and senators willing to vote for the Georgiou bills...can we be proud of our nation and its compassion?
"I think around Australia ... no one wants to see kids in detention"
- our Amanda finally gets the worst of it!

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