Tuesday, June 14, 2005

...but didn't.

Petro Georgiou and others sat with the Prime Minister last night and no agreement on the member's bills aimed at dismantling mandatory immigration detention, removing women and children and all long-term detainees from detention centres and allowing those on temporary protection visas to stay in Australia permanently was met.

Unsurprisingly, HoWARd was unable to reach a compromise and was quoted as saying,
"We decide the nature of immigration flows to this country. I believe that that policy is not only the right policy but it is a policy that enjoys the support of the Australian people."
I am inspired by Judi Moylan's optimism that HoWARd is capable of displaying humanity.
"[...] but I think, you know, there's an opportunity...I'm sure that the Government's willing to, as the Prime Minister stated on many occasions, to make the policy and its administration more humane, to introduce greater flexibility and to make sure that it's fair."
I am however unmoved from my position that HoWARd is a turd and await the bill's.

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Anonymous Joe2 said...

The break in ranks by a few libs has been encouraging. Sad isn't it, that Sophie P., has come out as the whip. Even suggesting that her colleagues are political terrorists.

You can but ask what would create such a mindset. The Lady Macbeth of Australian politics, I propose.

12:07 pm  
Blogger gringo said...

I want to finally see people getting fired up about this. I want to see some guts on the part of ALP.

I want to see some crossing of the floor, and I want to see my represetnatives actually thinking about issues and principles rather than just prospects of re-election.

I want to see the end of people being locked up indefinately, without charge.

6:37 pm  
Anonymous joe2 said...

Sophie Panopoulos,
has she had a heart by-pass?

The "conscience vote" was a proud part of the liberal party tradition.

That has "all gone", gringo and we live soon, in a one party state, as of the new financial year,appropriatly.

7:33 pm  
Blogger suki said...

Great points guys, but what if what we are seeing is tolerance fatigue?
What if people don't care because they feel they can't. As in they can't spare the energy.
I am very scared that as a society we are so fearful, numb or unmoved by others' plights as we try to hold on to our jobs, homes and lifestyle that there is no energy left to care for any outside our own sphere injustice...and 'outside'= not in my family?
Alert and alarmed has had the desired the effect.
Now we have suspicion, distrust and ennui.

10:43 pm  

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