Monday, June 06, 2005

Come on over, we're having cake

The beautiful baby the world knows as Suki has an opinion was conceived during a particularly fertile I-hate-the-fucking-coalition cycle in mid April 2004.
Once again, I found myself in a room with too many conservatives and felt that something had to be done.

By early June, SHAO was fully formed and on 6 June 2004 a girl was born.
I named her Suki and, my, oh my, is she a handful!

As any proud matriarch would understand, I love my Suki unconditionally and have to share her presence with you all.
So sit back, relax and settle in for the slideshow.

Early on I had trouble with Suki taking things that didn't belong to her. She would forget to acknowledge sources and take home pictures without asking.
One time a playdate got very upset and changed a 'stolen' picture to this one...

Suki has been to paediatric counseling and is now cured of her kleptomania. However, as with any youngster, I am ever vigilant for the inevitable 'slippage.'

Suki's most popular post was when she made a picture of Alexander Downer.
His mum doesn't let him come over anymore since Suki ran him over with her mini chopper.

As with any beautiful baby, Suki had unwanted attention from a very naughty playmate. I had to call security on Marcel White and he has wisely respected a mother's warning.

I am most proud of this.

Happy first birthday Suki!


Blogger weezil said...

Happy birthday, Suki. :)

I think my blog has also passsed its functional anniversary, but I have not made any attempt to celebrate it. To be quite honest, I have been an online writer now for more than 20 years. I started out in 1982 or 1983 on a Commodore VIC-20, corresponding with other computer users via a "BBS" or billboard system, a forerunner of today's message forums, which was running on a Commodore64. Making the connection with my Commodore VIC-20 was very difficult. One had to dial the phone then disconnect the handset and plug it into the 300 baud (~3 kb/second) modem, which compares rather unfavourably to the 'modern' 56kb/sec modems and is positively prehistoric compared to my present 9Mb/sec cable internet connection.

In 1982, the internet as we know it was still 10 years away, though it was in operation as ARPANET- a US Defense Dept system which connected military and university computing systems. Despite widespread myth to the contrary, it really was former US vice president Al Gore who actually pushed the internet into free public use- an act that changed the world.

It certainly changed the world for me- I live in Australia mainly because of the 'net. I have no one to thank but Al Gore for this most welcome change in my life.

Regardless, I may have initially begun using a blog to write my notions in May of 2004, but I am definitely no stranger to communication in text via a computer.

I know that you have only a year and change ago begun to 'blog' and I know how it has changed the world for you. It gives you a place to put your oh-so-many opinions and a place to discuss things with like-minded people whom you would otherwise not have ever known. I see that it reduces your sense of isolation and thus has given you much greated confidence in your thoughts.

Keep at it, Suki. The blogosphere is your oyster. :)



9:59 am  
Anonymous Guy said...

Happy birthday - I enjoy dropping by!

12:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mwah x happy Bday!

7:17 pm  
Blogger Gerry said...

A one-year-old with 'tude! Woa!

Happy Birthday SHAO.

8:02 pm  
Blogger suki said...

weezil, as always you are so right, have a chocolate crackle.

guy, thanks, you can start musical chairs.

anonymous, hi, thanks, have some green (or guernica red) cordial please.

gerry, thanks for the gift, help yourself to the party pies.

6:20 pm  
Blogger Brownie said...

Congratulations - Onwards and upwards!

11:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep talking Suki. We need you. Poise and panache, poise and panache.

- barista

12:21 am  

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