Sunday, June 26, 2005


I am developing a very severe case of Senatophobia or "no-voice-in-Parliament" as the new Senate date looms. I have become more and more anxious as this week has been filled with exit speeches and farewells.

HoWARd's go softly speech, with his history of lying, just made me more frightened.
It's real now and I feel like a
in the headlights
of a roadtrain.


Anonymous Guy said...

From democracy to virtual authoritarianism. It's a quiet revolution for Australian parliament.

10:52 am  
Blogger Brownie said...

Well Suki - about 20,000 times a year some poor kanga is caught in someone's lights. My weekend reading included Evan Whitton's 1989 Hillbilly Dictator, which described a Bundaberg dentist Harry Akers (and his dog Jaffa) who tested the Bjelke-Peterson No Gatherings in Public Places legislation. Harry applied for a permit to walk down a dead end lane at 2am and was refused. He said something then which is very apt for 1st July:
'The Majority is not Omnipotent. The majority Can be Wrong and is Capable of TYRANNY'.
after the election I was thinking about Jesus Christ's saying 'forgive them as they know not what they do'.

8:36 pm  
Blogger suki said...

After the election I was thinking be careful what you wish for.
All my voting life Australians have valued a vibrant Senate.
I am deeply uncomfortable and dread August 9.

6:26 am  
Anonymous joe2 said...

I'm trying to be a bit optimistic.

The liberals have a one seat majority. Barnaby Joyce is talking out against the end of the student union because it might mean goodby to footy on campus. Family first candidate is worried about the effect of I.R. changes on families.

One unholy bunfight might just break out,amongst the coalition, for all sorts strange/real reasons.

I'm trying.........

3:22 pm  
Blogger suki said...

Thanks joe2,
It's comforting to have an optimist in the room.
I heard an interview with bouncer/accountant/politician Barnaby Joyce and he comes across as quite the enigmatic loose cannon.

7:57 pm  
Anonymous mp said...

Aww Suki, a change is gonna come, I just don't know when....

11:11 am  

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