Saturday, June 18, 2005

Working women occupy a redundant time-line under HoWARd

Thanks to Mushroom from the pen who sent me this,
"Hey Suki,
Thought you might like a heads up on the closure of the New South Wales Working Women's Centre due to lack of Federal Government funding.

Just another way to strip away workers (particularly women's) rights and avenues to seek recourse against unfair treatment in the workplace. No surprise it is coinciding on the eve of the Feds changes to IR policy.

My post about it is here.
The fight continues."
Daily Flute and Tree of Truth also cover it.

If I was a cynical woman I would say that there is a message being sent to women in this country by our government.
That message would be $m$o$n$e$y$ for babies. No money for employment support. And certainly no money for "Mum@work" programs.

I'm going to make it my business to introduce myself to every woman in my workplace in my capacity as an Equity Advisor. I will use my federally-funded training to subvert this government's dominant paradigm.


Blogger Brownie said...

Jannette does not work.
Jannette must be at home when Father arrives back from work.

Only mothers whose partners have abandoned the family MUST WORK.
SUPPORTING MOTHERS BENEFITS means they are bad women. Not like Jannette.

wouldn't one hope that between them, Nicole $800m Cruise and Gina $70b Rhinehart could fund the bloody place.

1:27 pm  
Blogger Anton S. Trees said...

I seriously can't follow this IR news. It's too bloody depressing. But it's good to see the unions fighting back by... having picnics.


3:09 pm  

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