Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Applying the "Costello principle"

Recently treasurer Peter Costello postulated that if you are not an expert on a specific subject, despite your public standing, or your formal qualifications in another discipline or your thoughts as a citizen, your comments should not impress other members of the community.
His arrogant quote was:
"Archbishop Aspinall is entitled to his opinion, but he is not an industrial relations expert. When an Anglican archbishop speaks on IR, he has every right to speak but his views on IR shouldn't be given any special weight I don't believe because of his theological training"
Well Peter LLB(Hons)BA, by applying your own principle let's just all ignore you this year and last year.
You are not qualified in theology, demography, sociology, social anthropology, social psychology or youth work so get the qualifications or be deemed irrelevant.

I'm starting my "Costello principle" by ignoring the following piece of pious, patronising, pap justifying his address to the Hillsong Conference this year.
"[...] My job was to bring a greeting and to welcome the crowd on behalf of the Australian Government. You know, we think events like this are important, frankly, to see young people, without any drugs, partaking in music, hearing great biblical truths I think is a good thing actually. I think it strengthens our society and it builds on values which are important for our society."

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Blogger Benno said...

still following his own reasoning he is not qualified to talk about financial matters either.

2:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it's for democracy,that we are sending,more troops overseas and have the choice between goose's like Costello and Beasley,you would have to wonder how they keep morale up.

Maybe the pay is good!

7:34 pm  
Blogger Brownie said...

Love 'LL Cool JC' Suki.
Is Costello our Treasurer? Arts/Law? should he not have an Economics Masters (and Hons) or at least some accountancy qualification? Would you believe 'A certificate in Small Business from a TAFE'?
Would you believe 10/10 for Grade 6 Arithmetic?

9:48 pm  
Blogger weezil said...

Before there were trade unions, the church often took concerns of low pay to the wealthy. Australia has just such a a tradition. Aspinall's not that far out of his baliwick.


10:33 pm  
Blogger tigersnake said...

Given he's a law grad the only treasury matter he's capable of commenting on is billing.

Brainless prick.

2:48 pm  

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