Sunday, July 24, 2005

Oh my.

Don't be in or near London's public transport system.
Don't be young.
Don't be male.
Stay pale or get pale.
Don't wear out-of-season clothes.
Don't behave suspiciously.
Don't run down an escalator
Don't ignore plain clothes police chasing you and warning you to stop.
Don't get shot in the head five times at point-blank range.
Don't be a victim of the Police's simple nervous system shut-down objective.
"We are now satisfied that he was not connected with the incidents of Thursday 21st July 2005." police said.

UK police officer targets his weapon during a house raid in south London (Reuters)


Anonymous Guy said...

That's right, because if you meet any of these criteria you "might" be a terrorist.

Or on the other hand, might not.

3:28 pm  
Blogger suki said...

Quite so guy.
Unfortunately once five bullets are shot into your head at point-blank range you will be very dead.

6:46 pm  
Blogger joe2 said...

A most gentle and thoughtfull site. Well done Suki.

7:41 pm  
Blogger Benno said...

I feel very sorry for all people in London right now who are not clearly white skinned.

8:02 pm  
Blogger Brownie said...

I get all my forensic education at
and here is an example
" Questioned by Robert Richter, QC, for Gatto, Dr Dodd agreed it was difficult to determine individual reactions to particular injuries and that even people shot in the brain could remain active for a brief time.

Given ol' Benji was brain dead from birth, it's a tough call to make.

The defence has claimed that the men struggled until the last of five shots was fired from the .38 revolver that Gatto claims Veniamin had with him.

As Winston Churchill might have said - "well they would say that..."

But under re-examination by prosecutor Geoff Horgan, SC, Dr Dodd said that if Veniamin had struggled after his carotid artery was lacerated, then he would have expected to see more evidence of arterial blood on the walls of the passageway."

12:04 am  

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