Saturday, July 02, 2005

Placards waving, whistles blowing

Wow, I would never have predicted such a turnout.
Just when I thought that Australians were by and large politically apathetic they get out in large numbers and protest against the proposed changes to IR Law.

Now that I feel less anxious about IR legislation thundering unopposed through the Senate I'm going to chuck a sickie and celebrate.


Blogger bastet=^..^= said...

strike and pull a sickie!!!! what a proud australian tradition to support and definitely worth fighting for. my workplace is now governed by a Liberal and things are geeting awfully tenous for us locally and federally. when tunnels mean more than community, you know staff are up against it.

5:34 pm  
Anonymous joe2 said...

Celebrate Suki!

The last demonstrations of that scale was against the proposed
war in Iraq.

Just hope that unions have enough intelligence/bravery/compassion to offer 'casuals' special rates for joining.

Maybe, a little out of the office, Woody Guthrie style, might make unions more relevant in the hospitality industry, for instance.

Enjoy break.

5:39 pm  
Anonymous weezil said...

Suki, I am doubtful of any protest against HoWARd IR "reforms" being effective, short of constant, rolling strikes. I can't see as how his legislation won't get up considering the Lieberals have their bloody Senate majority.

HoWARd will accomplish one of two things- he will either crush the Labor movement and turn the Australian workplace into a clone of the US environs- i.e. "employment at will," defined by the rather unequal 'equality' of either worker or employer being able to 'work or quit/hire or fire' at any time... or he will resurrect the Labor unions to a strength not seen here since Fraser & Whitlam.

It will take every bit of state level political interference and national union level strength to break HoWARd this time. The ALP may inadvertently find themselves dragged back into relevance if the get on song with the unions. Beaz needs to be a union man if the ALP is to survive.


10:12 am  
Anonymous joe2 said...


Many have dealt with draconian working conditions in Victoria for years. Jeffs legacy,slightly improved, by Bracks.

With 2.5 years towards the next election unions might get involved in the plight of the casualised. They largly abandon people if they haven't a full-time job and cannot afford fees.

Rolling strikes if you have the punters behind you. More likely they move to the false hope of Fundys, who push the cargo cult mentality.

5:12 pm  
Blogger adam said...

I must admit that I feel even more pessimistic than weezil. When was the last time you saw J-Ho soften his stance on anything? He's one of this new rash of no-nuance, black/white, anti-flip-flopping conservatives.

I must say that I felt profound outrage (largely at myself) when that turd Kevin Andrews insinuated that all of us who went to work that day were in support of their policy.

I think the biggest challenge for labor and the unions is to convince low income earners that they're working class -- not 'aspirationals' -- and that they therefore need unions.

I can't believe Labor (under Biff) actually tried to run with that ladders bullshit last time!!


2:57 pm  
Blogger suki said...

adam said:
I must say that I felt profound outrage (largely at myself) when that turd Kevin Andrews insinuated that all of us who went to work that day were in support of their policy.

This turd could reframe for his country.
For exactly this reason I regularly use my sick leave entitlement. It averages out to one every three weeks.
Every time I chuck a sickie an exchange of information occurs.
Management is reminded that I am merely mortal, and I am protected and utilising my hard won worker rights!

10:29 pm  

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